About Harkey Construction:

Headquartered in Sonoma County since 1991, Harkey Construction, Inc. is an award-winning class B General Building Contractor (License #790931) that brings both expertise and the personal touch to Northern Californian residential and commercial projects.

The Harkey Construction Team

At Harkey Construction we realize there are many general contractors to choose from. What frankly sets us apart from many is our superior construction management skills, our thorough involvement in projects from start to finish, our technical mastery, and our commitment to ensuring your project is a success according to your terms; as well as ours.

But don’t take our word for it, our numerous satisfied clients have earned us the coveted Diamond Certification since 2001; and that’s a hard act to follow. It means our customers rate Harkey Construction’s performance in the highest rank possible not just once, but on an ongoing basis. And it means we continually pass Diamond Certification’s insurance, license and compliant status ratings as well.

Harkey Construction Offers:

Reliability & Accountability: We deal in an honest and straightforward manner with everyone with whom we do business, keeping our word and consistently delivering on the promises we make. You may view a list of customer reviews here, or we can put you in contact with customers that had similar projects – so you don’t go into your project blindly.

High Quality Work: We pride ourselves on our reputation. We’ve earned it by focusing on details and offering an unrelenting commitment to accuracy and the structural soundness of your project. If this website doesn’t convince you, call us and we’ll show you what we’ve accomplished for our customers.

Detailed Estimates: We give you all the details up front so there are no surprises along the way. Our goal is to get the job done right the first time.

Detailed Job Scheduling: To make sure you are comfortable with the process, we’ll provide a thorough understanding of all the steps involved in your project and proposed timeline.

Competitive Pricing: Having worked on nearly every conceivable construction project, we know how to work within your budget and offer you the best choices for your construction dollar.

Fully Insured: Harkey Construction, Inc. carries commercial general liability and workers compensation insurance.

The Harkey Team:

Harkey Construction is managed and owned by Jeff and Lori Harkey.

Jeff Harkey, President, Project Manager: Jeff Harkey has been active in the management of Harkey Construction, Inc. since it’s inception in 1991.

With more than 30 years experience, Jeff brings an extensive background to the table involving various roles in other construction companies, as well as his own. His experience includes general building contracting, superintendent, field lead, construction management, estimating, project management and public projects. He acts as visionary, leader, business manager, and financial decision-maker in the company.

His role also incorporates the refinement of company directions, market research and long term planning. Jeff’s dedication to excellence is experienced in the fulfilling of his vision to create mutually satisfying relationships with clients.

Lori Harkey, Vice President: Lori Harkey has been active in the management of Harkey Construction, Inc. since 1993.

Lori has more than 30 years business and facilities management, customer service and financial management expertise. She brings a diverse background and the skills and experience necessary to lead and manage a successful business.

Her dedication to excellence is experienced in the detail and accuracy of her work and her commitment to customer satisfaction. She also leads the company’s marketing and public relations, and is architect of the company web site.

Our Employees: In addition, there is our invaluable team of foreman, estimators, onsite crews, and office staff with whom you may come in contact. They help provide the exemplary work standards and customer service for which we’re known. Absolutely everyone at Harkey Construction is committed to the success of your project!